Friday, June 15, 2012

Photos (eventually!)

Nearly a year has gone by since the wedding (what?!) and still nothing has been done with the photos. But it is definitely time to share them, before moving on to new news.

How nice it is to look back at the photos and remember the amazingness of the day. Funny though how you change your mind over time as what you really think captures the day best...

Arriving at the church

The wedding party

Walking down the aisle

The church

Signing the registers

We're married!


Beautiful bouquets thanks to my amazing sister

Baby bridesmaids showing the way

The Black Barn

Our lights

Hogroast queue

Summer sun

Wheat fields

Sisterly hugs


Sisters dancing


Whirling baby bridesmaids

A moment to ourselves


Photos by Lauren McGlynn and various family members

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