Monday, July 25, 2011

Perfect Day

I haven't blogged for a while... being a PhD student and in particular being at a conference in the US only two weeks before the wedding put the blog on the backburner a little. But I thought I might take some time to describe our wonderful wedding.

Our wedding day doesn't run in my mind like a piece of continuous film footage. Instead I have a series of snapshots or fragments of film in my head, probably not in chronological order, of moments throughout the run-up and day itself...

A text message on the morning from the second half of us, saying he couldn't wait to make me his 'mrs-me'.

Ladders. Lights. Bunting. Paper flowers. Napkins. Ribbon. Boxes and boxes of wedding things dumped in the barn coming together before us into decor even better than we had imagined. The whole family working together amazingly well to bring our ideas to life and lovingly making flowers, tablecloths etc etc. Even a team of 20-something year-old brother-in-laws-to-be making a beautiful fairylight feature behind the top table completely without assistance. Everyone had artistic talent, patience and love, even fun(!) that day.

'We like to boogie' playing as we set up the barn and the whole family dancing around with their knees up. The same song playing when my sisters and I were having photos taken on the day... so we ended up having photos of us dancing and giggling together in a field (which I love).

Being told I was breaking the slowest land speed record when driving the cake to the reception. The sign on the cake promising death to anyone who touched and damaged it. The cake made by my mother, my mother-in-law, and me, and iced by me with the help of an amazing friend. And people even saying it tasted good!

Crying silently at the bottom of the garden the evening before as the flowers turned out to be too far along, wilting and too few, and the roses still had their thorns. And although we paid for 12 buttonholes, we only got 6 very sad looking closed enough roses to use. Unfortunately I'm not sure I'd recommend green&gorgeous for DIY bouquets. Amazingly though this was the only thing that went wrong in the whole run-up and day of.

My mother-in-law to be (and a team of in-law-to-be helpers) sourcing from somewhere more closed pink and cream roses and making up all the buttonholes so I didn't have to worry about it.

My wonderful older sister turning the sad pile of flowers into amazing cottage garden bouquets (including a rush job on the morning of the wedding to buy more pins as I'd somehow not bought enough!) which looked absolutely beautiful, and thankfully made it through the ceremony and photos before wilting completely.

Watching the rain come down all morning as I got ready, and the sun appearing just before we went to the church.

My wonderful younger sister doing a beautiful hair and make-up job. Not a single hair fell down during the day which was a feat in itself! We hadn't had time to practice anything but she instinctively knew what I would like. The hairpiece made by my older sister that was a nod to a veil with a 1920s brooch and a piece of the ribbon used in the bouquets entwined in it. Again a fabulous job that I wouldn't have been able to do alone.

A friend hiring a car for us as a surprise to drive us on the day. His 'your driver is Rich' sign in the front. He was amazing all day with the perfect balance of formality and friend.

My dad joking that we had a police escort on the way to the wedding as a police car was in front of us. Him also being a solid rock as I was shaking before the service started.

Walking down the aisle and seeing my oldest friend, then husband to be and then getting to the front and suddenly thinking 'there are other people here right?!'

A wonderful church service, pitched just right with a funny sweet short sermon by our lovely vicar. An amazing organist. Lovely prayers by my mother. A heartfealt reading by my new mother-in-law.

My grandfather reading a poem to us, for us, rather than just to the church in general.

My cousin playing my favourite piece of classical music so beautifully while we signed the registers and me refusing to walk back down the aisle until I had heard the whole thing.

Our best man doing an amazing job organising everyone throughout the day and with a smile on his face the whole day. Not an easy job!

Breaking into a field with our photographer en route to the reception for some photos in the wheat in the sun. Stopping for more photos by a no parking sign and the farmers driving past and waving merrily when they saw our wedding attire and photographer lying on the floor.

Arriving in blazing sunshine at the reception and everyone turning and applauding as we pulled up in the car. I hid behind my bouquet.

Speeches that had everyone in laughter and tears.

Being swung round by my new husband in our first, never practiced dance, in fact the music chosen only the evening before.

Swirling round and round with baby bridesmaids in my arms in turn. My sisters doing the same with said bridesmaids. A footprint on the front of my dress as a reminder of all the fun.

One of my baby bridesmaids requesting scissors from my mother which turned out to be to cut off some of the flowers she didn't like from her bouquet (at the reception so she was left to get on with it).

Laughter and hugs with so many people near and dear to us. Wighing we had hours and hours to talk to all of them. Thinking of a few who couldn't make the day and wishing they could be there to enjoy it.

Realising that thanks to mainly my mother's planning the day had gone seamlessly and I hadn't had to think of a thing.

Driving off with a car filled with balloons and covered in pink sticky-note hearts courtesy of my parents-in-law and the decorating skills of my baby bridesmaids.

Realising after we had driven off that I never threw my bouquet. Wanting to go back to throw it just to have a few more minutes with everyone.

Sinking into a jacuzzi bathtub with a glass of fizz at the end of the day...

... the best day of our lives shared with the people we love best...

(photos to follow when we have them from the lovely Lauren McGlynn)

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