Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Ceremony

The ceremony itself is going to take place in Shaw Church. This is the church I was baptised in and have attended on and off ever since. Built in 1842, on the site on the original church of 1000 AD, it is a beautiful old "traditional" church.

As yet, we have not finalised the content of our service, but are looking forward to sharing the occasion with family and friends, and having readings and poems from the closest family members.

Image courtesy of Shaw Church

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Location, Location, Location

I have spent a day procrastinating. Instead of writing a paper, I have been sidetracked by all things wedding related, in particular some blogs that prove the best weddings are where you don't worry too much and just have things that are truly 'you'.

For us this means simple, fun and not costing too much. We have chosen a barn on a working organic farm for the venue. With its high beams, rough edges and emptiness it suits us down to the ground, especially with beautiful fields and countryside stretching as far as the eye can see outside the doors. We can adorn it with fairy lights and home-made decorations to suit us perfectly, and lay it out as we please. Our guests may not thank us when they head home after the festivities, but we love it being so rural.

We could have deliberated for ages over where to hold the reception, but were lucky enough to love the only place we went to see. And why look elsewhere when one place is already good. It is pretty rough and ready which wouldn't suit everyone but it means we have a lot more freedom to make it our own.


We are engaged. It still seems strange to think we are, but only because I somehow don't feel old enough to be 'a married woman'. We are still silly. We love to travel. We are settled together but not in our pursuits in life. I am a student again. He has to commute between countries to work in his not-so-dream job. Yet we can't wait to be married.

We are getting married in under six months. So may people have told us we won't get what we want for the wedding, that it is too close. Yet in only a couple of weeks we have the venue, the dresses, and potential caterer and photographer. And I am determined to enjoy planning the wedding. I have so far.