Friday, June 15, 2012

Our first house

The biggest change for us in our first year of married life has been buying our first home. After nearly three years in a damp flat, we couldn't have been happier to move to our own home. At least here if things go wrong we can (let's hope!) fix them.

Moving from a small one-bed flat to a three-bed house has also meant that we can finally put all our things away, and reclaim possessions stored at my parents' house, and at last start getting our photos and artwork up on the walls.

The move does has one drawback though. We have moved to be closer to work for the other half of us, but this puts me an hour and a half drive from the university and my friends. Needless to say this has taken time to adjust to but I am getting there, helped by the fact that we love having our house.

Crossing the threshold!

The front

The rather aged kitchen

Living room with picture window

Too much brown...

The rather retro bathroom

In need of some decorating

A few odd jobs here and there...

The back

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