Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Eight weeks in

E is now 8 weeks old! She has started to chat away and gives glorious smiles. We are well and truly in love.

She loves to stand up, held by the hands and look around. In fact she enjoys watching everything so much she rarely wants to sleep during the day. At some points we've gone 13 hours with only a couple of 10 minute catnaps! She takes everything in, rewarding the things she likes with a broad smile. The downside of course is that she gets overtired and then gets herself very wound up and upset, making it even harder to get her off to sleep. Somehow though we are still doing well at going to sleep at night after her 11 or 11:30 feed, sleeping through to 5 or 6.

Her noises have started to widen both in the sounds she makes and the volume. She certainly likes to make herself known. My favourite is currently an 'nnn gehhh' sound.

We have her 8 week immunisations tomorrow. I'll be interested to see how she copes.

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